November 18, 2015



If you have a visa for more than 6 months or an indication on your visa that you must register on arrival, you will have to go to FRRO.

frroThis is also the place to go in case of:

  • Visa extension request
  • Lost of passport (but first go to your embassy)
  • Birth registration

The FRRO is a unique space, a concentrate of the world in itself where you will meet all kinds of personalities and nationalities! You have to take this step with composure, patience and smile. And see the positives: a great place to meet people (where you will probably spend a few hours, so take the opportunity to start the conversation), where observe the bureaucracy, but especially patience of the staff.

You must register within 2 weeks after your arrival or pay penalties.


First step: online registration

Before you get there, please register online

The hard part is how to compress documents so size is less than 200kb. A headache for some documents!

The list of documents required will be given at the end of the form.

Proof of address: you have not yet found an apartment? Ask your hotel your C-Form. However, you will have to return to the FRRO to change your address once established. Careful, sometimes, the FRRO comes check on site.

Police verification: if possible try to get a Police verification form (your landlord must register you with the local police) or you may be asked to come back with. This is generally not a document blocking the registration.


An appointment date (day after) will be indicated on the form. The time is not very important. You just need to get there before 3pm. Check below our tips.

Agents can help you, but the service is quite expensive for little benefit. If you are well organized, the procedure is done in half a day.

On arrival, you must go to the first counter outside. Register yourself: show your passport and give your reason for coming. A number will then be given.

Pass the security gate, you have to wait your turn. A second counter then review your files and that all documents are ok. This is the most complicated step. Smile, it can help!

You will pass several counters according to your request: audit of MCA, record of your data, payment, final validation, etc. An officer might notice a missing document, you will have to come back.

Resident Permit or Stay Visa

They will then give you a resident permit or stay visa. Do not lose it, keep a scan and especially take it with you when you go out of the territory. 1 chance out of 2 that the immigration officer asks you the paper.

A few tips

Remember to take your computer with all your documents. If one is missing, an internet cafe is located to the left of the FRRO.

Need an extra copy? You will find a solution on site, outdoors.

Need a certified copy? A notary is on the right of FRRO about 300m (small shop).

Timings: 9 am to 3pm. After 3pm, only already applied requests are studied.

Employees have a lunch break from 1.30 to 2pm. After 2pm, the atmosphere is more relaxed. A passage at 2.45pm is generally faster.

To avoid queuing in the morning, come at 8/8.30am, and pre-register (paper sheet on a table).


East Block-VIII, Level -2 -1 Sector, R.K Puram New Delhi-66