February 23, 2016

Get broadband internet connexion in Delhi

Need to get internet connexion in Delhi ?

Here we will explain you what can you do to make your stay more comfortable. 

First thing you need to know, there is no unlimited Internet offer available in Delhi for the moment. So, choose wisely your plan according to your need!

The main provider is airtel.

It is usually quite easy to get a broadband from them. Go on their website, register your request. It takes usually less than one week but plan a day off the day they come. First a technician will come to set up the wires, then an engineer will do the connexion.

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In some areas, Airtel is not available. You should then ask in your neighborhoud who the local provider is. They are usually not as good as Airtel. If you are an internet addict, better to ask before renting the flat!