November 18, 2015

Vaccine to come in India

Which vaccine to take before to come in India?


Short Stay

For a short stay (less than one month) in India, no vaccination is required despite a long list of recommendations!

Long Stay

For a long stay, the ideal is to go international vaccination center nearest you. A doctor can compile a list of recommended vaccines (none is required) and issue a vaccination booklet to carry in your suitcase.
We recommend hepatitis and typhoid.


Make sure that you are updated on the basical vaccines: BCG, Polio, Tetanus, Hepatitis B. Make sure you are up to date on recalls.

In Delhi, there are many hospitals. Vaccination against rabies is not essential if you do not go in areas within more than 12 hours from a hospital.

North India is not affected by malaria. However if you intend to travel in Southeast Asia you can take some preventive boxes against malaria.

Dengue is quite present in Delhi. Protect yourself from mosquito bites especially after the monsoon. Unfortunately nothing else to do.

Finally the vaccine against hepatitis A and B, typhoid and against Japanese encephalitis are recommended. They are not necessary but the choice is yours.

Whatever the length of your stay, as long as some basic rules are followed (wash hands frequently, especially before meals, be careful in the choice of drinks and food, avoid raw fruits and vegetables, etc …), there is a priori no reason to contract diseases.