November 18, 2015


How to have drinkable water in India?

Tap water in India is not drinkable. We must therefore pay attention: dry cutlery and plates if they have just been washed for example.

You will be often offered some filtered water ( “Filtred water” / “Regular” / “RO” or “Reverse Osmosis Water”), depending on the state of maintenance of the machine, you can drink it or not! Otherwise, take the bottled water you can find in absolutely every corner during your stay. The cost is 20 to 30 rupees a bottle according to the brand.filtered water

bottle of water

For your apartment, two solutions. If your apartment is equipped with a machine that can filter water, simply renew the filter regularly. If this is not the case, you can get water in bottles of 5 liters at a price of 80 / 100RS to the small shop next to you. They can be delivered for an extra of 10 rupees. The most economical solution depends on the number of people in the apartment.


In the same logic, ask your drinks without ice. Do not hesitate to have Coffee & Chai (masala tea), the filtered water has been boiled.