January 1, 1970

How to get the GST software in online

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      I need to get the GST software for the business to run as success. I want some of messages and tips for using that. GST news and updates are needed for my business. I am running as jewelry business in my city. Rates are increase or decrease at day to day. So i need to know the exact prices and information about the GST news also. I have using the GST registration form for applying my business for paying the GST to the government. I am filling the all types of fields and fill the application as correct manner. The supportive documents and related ideas are getting from online.
      I am getting more online advices and discussions about the GST rates for the products. Some of products are getting the more rate and some of products are not getting the GST. How is it possible? What are the types of products are not getting the GST? Did you know? I am new for the business world. So i need to collect more information about the business. I am getting my friend for supporting to me. We can manage each and every process of business. GST invoice errors are available.
      So i need to solve the problem and complete the errors also. I need the sources and related ideas from online. I am searching the tools and materials in books and journals. But I cannot get that. I want some of true information and software using tricks also. You can get any experience for using software means tell me step by step here. I am waiting for getting that information. I want the reference sources and reviews about using the software for the business. I am also joining the group for collecting the product’s GST rates. Please tell me required details here

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